Michael Stubbs: selected publications online

These pages are no longer up-dated. More recent material is available on my personal web-site at: http://www.cantab.net/users/michael.stubbs/

The following articles and talks are available here.

(2010) Three concepts of keywords. In M Bondi & M Scott eds  Keyness in Texts: Corpus Linguistic Investigations. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 21-42. Pre-publication version:  pdf-file here.

(2008) The search for units of meaning: a tribute to John McHardy Sinclair (14 June 1933 - 13 March 2007). (Laudatio, University of Erlangen, Germany, 25 October 2007, on the occasion of the posthumous award of an honorary doctorate.) pdf-file here.

(2008). The turn of the linguists: text, analysis, interpretation. In A Müller-Wood ed Texting Culture Culturing Texts. Essays in Honour of Horst Breuer. Trier: WVT. 1-14. Pre-publication version:  pdf-file here.

(2007) An after-dinner speech given at the University of Edinburgh to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of BAAL. pdf-file here.

(2007) Notes on the history of corpus linguistics and empirical semantics. In M Nenonen & S Niemi eds (2007) Collocations and Idioms. Joensuu: Joensuun Yliopisto. 317-29. pdf-file here.

(2006) On teaching critical rationalism: reconciling linguistic and literary text analysis. In A Gerbig & A Müller-Wood eds (2006) How Globalization Affects the Teaching of English. Lampeter: Edward Mellen. 15-29. pdf-file here.

(2003) Conrad, concordance, collocation: heart of darkness or light at the end of the tunnel? (The Third Sinclair Open Lecture, University of Birmingham.) pdf-file here.

(2001) Chapter 1. Words and Phrases: Corpus Studies of Lexical Semantics. Oxford: Blackwell. pdf-file here.

(2000) Society, education and language: the last 2000 (and the next 20?) years of language teaching. In H Trappes-Lomax ed Continuity and Change in Applied Linguistics. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. pdf-file here.

(1998) German loanwords and cultural stereotypes. English Today, 14, 1: 19-26. pdf-file here.

(1997) Whorf's children: critical comments on critical discourse analysis. In A Wray & A Ryan eds Evolving Models of Language. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. 100-16. pdf-file here.

(1996) Chapter 1. Text and Corpus Analysis: Corpus-Assisted Studies of Language and Culture. Oxford: Blackwell. pdf-file here.

(1995) Collocations and semantic profiles: on the cause of the trouble with quantitative studies. Functions of Language, 2, 1: 23-55. pdf-file here.

(1986) Language development, lexical competence and nuclear vocabulary. In K Durkin, ed (1986) Language Development in the School Years. Croom Helm. Revised version in M Stubbs (1986) Educational Linguistics. Blackwell. pdf-file here.

(1986) What is Standard English? In M Stubbs Educational Linguistics. Blackwell. pdf-file here.