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Johanniterufer 15
D- 54290 Trier


Directions by car:
Follow B49 next to the Mosel or Karl-Marx-Straße / Kaiserstraße heading to the Römerbrücke.
The building "Johanniterufer 15" is located across from the Römerbrücke. It is a big, multi-storey building with a overhang. The main entrance to the departments is located on the longer side of the building (not on the corner!) and is accessible by stairs and a wheelchair ramp.

Directions by bus:
When in the city center, take bus line 1 up to the stop "Barbarathermen" or line 3 up to stop "Rathaus / Stadttheater".
Then, follow Kaiserstraße heading towards the Mosel, until you reach the Mosel; you will see the Konstantin-Säule. Follow St. Barbara-Ufer to your right, cross the Karl-Marx-Straße until you reach the building "Johanniterufer 15".

Caution: We explicitly recommend taking the bus to reach us, since there are not enough parking slots in the vicinity.