Information about the Biological Psychology exam

Here you can find some general info about the modul exam „F Biological Psychology“ (BSc. Psychology, new regulations, 2020):

  • Only content discussed in the lecture "Modul F: Biological Psychology" are relevant for the exam.
  • The exam will take place in the computer pool of the eLearning department of the university as a digital exam.
  • It will consist of 30 assignments with 5 items each (Answer format: "true" and "not true").
  • You have 90 minutes to work on the exam.
  • The exam takes place in the examination periode at the end of the semester in class-free weeks.
  • The exact date will be published in the lecture.
  • Exact time and additional info will be communicated by the eLearning-Department once you are signed up for the exam.

The preparation slides for the exam can be found on StudIP. Those slides and the communicated literature are relevant for the exam, following the newest iteration of examination regulations (2020).

Have fun and be successfull in the exams!