Who recognizes my achievements?

Questions regarding recognition are always clarified with the ERASMUS representative of FB IV, M.Sc. Nele Jacobs. Together with the student and in close consultation with the subject representatives, she will prepare a proposal for recognition.

This proposal will be reviewed by the chairman of the ERASMUS Commission, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Bernhard Swoboda, examines the proposal. He is responsible for issuing the corresponding certificates of achievement in accordance with the study regulations here.

Which services are recognized?

After successful completion of the study abroad program, the academic achievements at the partner university can usually be recognized in Trier in the form of individual credits.
Specific questions of recognition must be coordinated with the ERASMUS representative at an early stage.

The extent of the recognized credits is based on a quantitative criterion (credit points) and a qualitative criterion (learning objectives).

The crediting of grades is done according to a conversion key defined for each university.

Please refer to the module descriptions (BWL, VWL, sociology) of the courses in Trier.

What is the recognition process?

  • It is recommended to attend the information event on the topic of recognition (will be announced on the homepage).
  • Before starting the study abroad, the course program at the assigned partner university must be coordinated with the ERASMUS representative of Department IV Ms. Nele Jacobs. Please use the course agreement form for this purpose. The prior course agreement is essential for the recognition of foreign study credits and is based on course descriptions of the foreign partner university.

  • After completion of the study abroad program, the completed application form for the recognition of academic achievements must be sent to the ERASMUS representative. Please leave the field "grade" empty!
    In addition, a transcript of records of studies (available in PORTA) must be attached.

  • The original and a copy of the transcript of records must be submitted. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also possible to submit trancripts electronically. In this case, transcripts should be sent to the ERASMUS representative by the study office of the host university via email.

  • The documents will be sent by email to the ERASMUS representative.

  • After further review by Prof. Dr. Swoboda, the certificates of achievement will be issued and forwarded to the HPA. Certificates of achievement for seminars can be picked up from the student assistants during the indicated office hours.


Please also complete our Study Abroad Questionnaire upon your return (no later than before the start of the new semester) and send it to era4hiwiuni-trierde. A printed copy is not necessary. You will be doing your successors a big favor and helping us keep all the information up to date!

We would also be happy to share your experiences on our social media channel (Instagram: @erasmusfb4). Please send us up to 10 photos and a short text (max. 200 words) to era4hiwiuni-trierde. Show your successors what the ERASMUS+ time was like for you!

Documents you will need after the end of your stay abroad

Recognition form.pdf
Notes to filling out the recognition form .pdf
Presentation info event recognition (Update: 06.06.2023).pdf

Important: The documents contain drop-down selection fields. Therefore, please use PDF software that supports form editing to fill them out. We recommend program the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (available free of charge) for this purpose. Due to internal processing, only forms that have been completed digitally will be accepted.

Please also note that the events you have entered will automatically be transferred to page 3 and this does not need to be processed further.