Habilitation at Faculty IV of University Trier

General Terms

After the habilitation, faculty IV certifies the accreditation to teach a scientific subject, a range of subjects, or a combination of subjects. Subjects which can be accredited are business science, ethnology, sociology, computer science, business informatics, statistics, economics and mathematics.

The habilitation is meant to enable scientifically qualified applicants to teach and do research independently within the faculty.
The performance of habilitation have to show that the applicant is able to represent the relevant subject in teaching and in research.
The admission to habilitation requires the applicant to have obtained their doctorate at a German scientific university, or college, another academic degree which can be seen as equal on a non-German university. The subject of the doctorate has to relate to the subject of the habilitation.
As long as it is not in contradiction with the current habilitation policy, all decisions made with regards to habilitation are subject to the faculty council.

The habilitation thesis has to be of scientific relevance for the according subject, or range of subjects, for which the candidate endeavours to obtain their accreditation to teach.


Habilitation Policies of Faculty IV

Change of the Habilitation Policies of Faculty IV