Study abroad with faculty IV

University Trier is a college which offers active research and a strong international network. It is a member of the "Universität der Großregion", positioned in the core of Europe, and hereby offers its students and researchers the opportunity to study and do research in Metz, Nancy, Luxemburg, Lüttich, Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken at the same time. On the basis of the so-called MEST-programme (a.k.a. European Master in Labour Studies, EMLS), students are offerd the opportunity to obtain the Belgian certificate „Master Européen en Sciences du Travail“ on top of their regular master's.


After successfully re-arriving from studying abroad, the achievements made at our partner universities can mostly be accredited at Trier University, too. Please find all relevant information regarding this topic here, with your subject, and the Erasmus-coordinator of faculty IV.

International Offers and Cooperations

UniGR - Universität der Großregion

UniGR enables members of University Trier to study and research across international boundaries on 6 colleges in 4 different countries. More that 6,000 scholars and 132,000 students from universities of Luxemburg, Kaiserslautern, Liège, Lorrane, the Saarland and Trier belong to this group.



Erasmus is a EU-programme which has been active for more than 30 years. By fostering student mobility, it allows for lifelong learning. During a 3- to 12-month stay abroad, students can make international experiences and expand their personal network.

Master Européen en Sciences du Travail (MEST)


This programme qualifies graduates of business administration, economics and sociology for a career in international companies and paricularly in european organizations, as well as for tasks in politics and politic consulting.

International Office (IO)


The IO is the central contact point for international stuents and scholars, who (are planning to) study, research, or teach at Trier University. It can and should also be contacted by students and scholars of University Trier who intend to spend some time abroad.