Equal Opportunities Officer

Dr. Andrea Buchberger


E-Mail: gbfb4uni-trierde

Phone: +49 651 201 2632



Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Anna Schneider

Mail: gnad@uni-trier.de

Tel. +49 651 201-2730

Anna Gnad

Funding Opportunities

What can be funded?

Faculty IV provides gender equality funding to support women* and measures that support gender equality. All applications must be submitted in writing to the Equal Opportunities Officer of Faculty IV. Financial grants can be awarded for the following purposes:

  1. Travel grants: Travel grants of up to 400 € for research stays, participation in conferences, and other events (e.g. methods courses, further training, field work, etc.) are supported. These should be demonstrably career-enhancing.
  2. Support for gender equality activities: Funding is provided for measures that promote the equality of women* in science in the subjects of the faculty; for example, events and guest lectures that deal with topics relevant to gender equality or studies and research projects. As a rule, these measures are funded in an amount of up to 400 €, which can, for example, cover the travel costs for guest lecturers.
  3. Individual support for staff and students who need support in fulfilling their professional activities due to special family or personal circumstances (e.g. restrictions in laboratory work due to pregnancy). Support can be provided, for example, through the provision of student or research assistants.

Who can apply for funding?

All (female) members of the faculty who do not have their own research or material budget are eligible to apply. All employees of Faculty IV can apply for funding for activities that promote gender equality.


How can I apply for funding?

Applicants can send their request as an informal letter by e-mail to the Equal Opportunities Officer of Faculty IV. The expenses (amount, purpose, time frame) should be clearly stated and justified. Requests for travel allowances should indicate the extent to which they are career-enhancing.