Department of Philosophy


Philosophy in Trier is endowed with three historically oriented professorships dedicated to the philosophy of antiquity, modern philosophy and the philosophy of modernity and the present. The focal points and strengths of our research lie systematically in the areas of ontology/metaphysics, the philosophy of language and ethics, and historically in Plato and Kant.

Our research is characterised on the one hand by issues raised from our contemporary perspective, and on the other hand by a classical historical orientation. The Kant Research Centre Trier is exemplary for these strengths. Philosophy is involved in a research group as well as in university collaborative research and hosts a number of funded projects and editorial projects. 

It is our concern to enable the students of our degree programmes - Bachelor/Master of Arts "Philosophy" and Bachelor/Master of Education "Philosophy/Ethics" - to engage with philosophy and its history in a way that is as broad as it is deep according to individual preferences, and to promote the enormous professional potential inherent in philosophical qualifications in the best possible way - for the teaching profession and other professional fields.