One Day Workshop on Variance Estimation in the Presence of Imputation, Friday 13 July 2001, University of Southampton, UK

  • Introduction and Overview, Chris Skinner (University of Southampton)
  • Non-Response Error of Nearest Neighbor Imputation Methods, Yves Thibaudeau (U.S. Bureau of Census)
  • A General Approach for Imputation, Jean-Claude Deville (INSEE)
  • Variance Estimation for Household Surveys with Informative Sampling and Non-ignorable, Non-response, Jan Bjørnstad (Statistics Norway)
  • Some Aspects of Variance Due to Imputation in Very Heterogeneous Populations, Pascal Rivière (INSEE)
  • Variance Estimation under Imputation with Non-ignorable Non-response and Follow-up, Seppo Laaksonen (Statistics Finland), Ray Chambers (University of Southampton)
  • General Discussion of Conclusions; Future Research Programme of DACSEIS, Chris Skinner (University of Southampton), Seppo Laaksonen (Statistics Finland)