WP3: Statistical Analysis of KBE Indicators

 The objective of this work package is to analyse key aspects of the quality of data for use with KBE indicators of interest. Since many sources of data for indicators are based on survey samples, special emphasis will be laid on the accuracy and statistical reliability of indicator values. The main purpose of the data quality analysis is to identify areas of indicator weakness and guide the selection of indicators. Further emphasis will be paid on the analysis of erroneous data and their influence on the reliability of the indicators for the KBE. Furthermore, it is intended to investigate indicator performance in respect to their analytical and statistical properties. The work on this work package will be split into two parts: Phase I will summarise the current methodology in this area whereas phase II will elaborate the methodology and tools needed for new developments in this area. Special emphasis will be laid on the influence of non-response to the reliability of indicator values and the accuracy of regional sub-indicators.

Deliverables for WP3

Deliverable 3.1: Quality Concepts: State-of-the-Art

Deliverable 3.2: Imputation of Knowledge Economy Indicators 

Deliverable 3.3: Quality of Knowledge Economy Indicators

Deliverable 3.4: Accuracy Measurement of Composite Indicators