WP6: Role of Multinationals for Information on R&D

National indicators on R&D efforts are somewhat distorted by world-wide R&D activities by multinational companies. The aim of the work package is to develop and test new indicators on the role of multinational companies in national indicators on R&D efforts in order to estimate the effects on national figures. The results may assist in evaluating how far the 3.0 percent target of R&D expenditure on GDP is reached. The intention is to form an expert group with 4 or 5 interested countries with access to enterprise level official R&D data. Depending on the countries, a representative set of multinationals will be chosen. Publicly available information on the R&D in these companies will first be analysed as well as what is available from national R&D statistical publications. Then a paper with possible approaches will be produced for discussion in a small workshop with the chosen countries. The aim of the workshop is to agree on a common approach for data extraction. On the basis of the results the final report will suggest some methodologies for further dissemination and use.

Deliverables for WP6

Deliverable 6.1: State-of-the-Art Report on the Role of Multinational Enterprises for Information on R&D
Deliverable 6.2: Indicators on the Globalisation of R&D, Some Methodological Issues
Deliverable 6.3: Role of Multinational Enterprises for Information on R&D