Malay Ghosh

Malay Ghosh is a Distinguished Professor of Statistics at the University of Florida. His contribution to small area estimation spans for nearly two decades. Professor Ghosh with his Ph.D. students Partha Lahiri, Gauri Datta and Kannan Natarajan was the first to develop a unified Bayesian approach for solving small area estimation problems.

His other methodological contributions to this topic include development of new empirical Bayes confidence intervals based on Edgeworth expansion, outlier adjustment, and use of measurement error models. He has applied Bayesian and empirical Bayesian methods for the adjustment of census counts, estimation of median income of four-person families, estimation of the proportion of people without health insurance for small domains crossclassified by age, sex, ethnicity and other characteristics.

Professor Ghosh served for six years in the Census Advisory Committee as a representative of the American Statistical Association. He was the editor of Sequential Analysis for eight years, and is currently an Editor of Sankhya, B. He is an Elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics of the American Statistical Association, and is an Elected member of the Interna