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Part One: Constitutions

A) Federal Level (Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany)

B) Land Level

1. Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria 
2. Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg 


Part Two: Individual Fields of Law

A) Criminal Law Protection of Religious Freedom

1. Criminal Code
2. Administrative Offences Act

B) Upbringing and Education

1. Act on Religious Instruction for Children
2. School Organisation Act of North-Rhine Westphalia 
3. Framework Act on Universities 
4. Hessian University Act 

C) Law on Assembly and Association

1. Assemblies Act 
2. Association Act 

D) Media

1. Act to Regulate the Dissemination of Writings and Media Contents Harmful to Young Persons 
2. Broadcasting Agreement
3. Agreement on the ZDF
4. Deutsche Welle Act 
5. Act on Measures to Promote German Film 
6. Agreement on the South-West German Broadcasting Corporation 
7. Land Broadcasting Act of Rhineland-Palatinate

E) Civil Status and Civil Law

1. Civil Status Act 
2. Civil Code 
3. Introductory Act to the Civil Code 
4. Authentication Act 
5. Copyright Act 
6. Copyright Representation Act 

F) Building and Property Law

1. Federal Building Code 
2. Property Dealings Act 
3. Federal Benefits Act

G) Protection of Monuments

1. Cultural Assets Protection Act 
2. Saxon Monument Protection Act

H) Burial System

I) Youth and Voluntary Welfare Institutions

1. Federal Social Assistance Act
2. Social Code,  Eigth Book (VIII): Child and Youth Assistance
3. Federal Child Benefit Act

J) Law on Military and Alternative Service

1. Act on Compulsory Military Service 
2. Act on Refusal to render Military Service involving the Use of Arms on Grounds of Conscience 
3. Act on Civilian Service for Conscientious Objectors 
4. Soldiers Act 
5. Act on Military Chaplaincy  

K) Imprisonment

1. Prison Act 
2. Remand Detention Execution Ordinance 
3. Juvenile Courts Act 
4. Juvenile Detention Execution Ordinance  

L) Law on Civil Servants and Judges

1. Civil Service Law Framework Act 
2. Federal Act on Civil Servants 
3. Federal Act on Remuneration 
4. Civil Servants Benefits Act 
5. German Judiciary Act 
6. Hamburg Civil Service Act

M) Funding

1. Ordinance on Dues 
2. 1997 Income Tax Act 
3. 1999 Corporate Gains Tax Act 
4. 1999 Turnover Tax Act 
5. 1999 Trade Tax Act 
6. Act on Inheritance Tax and Gifts Tax 
7. Act on Real Property Tax 
8. Budgetary Principles Act 
9. Act on Collection of Church Taxes in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia 
10. Act Governing Resignation from the Churches, Religious Communities and Ideological Communities under Public Law of North-Rhine Westphalia 

N) Labour Law

1. Works Constitution Act 
2. Act on Employees Co-determination 
3. Act on Representative Committees of Executive Employees 
4. Federal Act on Staff Representation 
5. Social Code, Third Book (III): Employment Promotion 
6. Working Hours Act 
7. Vocational Training Act 
8. Juvenile Workers Protection Act  
9. Act on the Promotion of Early Retirement Benefits  

O) Data Protection

1. Federal Data Protection Act
2. Act on the Protection of Citizens' Personal Data of Saxony-Anhalt 
3. Registration Law Framework Act
4. Registration Act of the Land of Saxony-Anhalt 

P) Religion and Religious Communities in General Legal Relations

1. Law on Aliens 
2. Traffic Law 
3. Law on Foundations 
4. Law Relating to Holidays 
5. Animal Protection 
6. Law on Collections 
7. Law on Insurance 
8. Procedural Law 


Part III: State-Church Treaties

1. Concordat Between the Holy See and the German Reich of 20 July 1933  
2. Treaty between the Holy See and the Free State of Thuringiaof 14 June 1929 
3. Lower Saxony  
4. Saxony-Anhalt 
5. Thuringia 
6. State-Church Treaty in the Special Field of Military Chaplaincy 

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