GLiCS 2023

Graph Labeling in Computer Science is a one-day workshop offered as a research meeting following the conference FCT.

Like FCT, GLiCS will be run in a hybrid fashion.

Its aim is to foster discussions with two hitherto seemingly nearly unrelated areas:

  • A sub-area of graph theory / discrete mathematics dealing with different methods of implicitly representing graphs, as dynamically surveyed by Gallian. We also celebrate the silver jubilee edition of this survey.
  • Adjacency labelings and further labeling schemes that have been devised in Computer Science to provide better storing and access capabilities for (certain) graphs.

We believe that it is high time that both communities interact.

Should there be not that many participants of FCT who are interested in Graph Labeling, then they could (of course) work on different topics. The main purpose of the workshop is to initiate and foster collaboration! This is the main idea of this additional day.

This workshop will have no formal proceedings.


For registration to GLiCS, use the FCT registration link!

If you only attend GLiCS online, then registration is free.

If you like to present some work at GLiCS, drop an email to fernauuni-trierde.