Recommendations for the Master's Degree

In the master's program, students have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of focus by selecting courses. The following information should be helpful for a course of study that fits together in terms of content. These notes are important because most courses are only offered every four semesters and can therefore only be offered once within a master's program. More detailed information about individual events can be found in the Module manuel.


A Selection of possible focal points within theoretical Computer Science

Classic Combination

You will gain insights into the "classic knowledge" of (theoretical) computer science in the "in-depth lectures" on formal languages, complexity theory as well as computability and logic. The basic lectures from the bachelor's program prepare you for this in a special way. These lectures are particularly recommended for anyone who is interested in the basic questions of the possibilities and limitations of computer science.


Linguistically oriented Combination

Anyone who is particularly interested in the cross-references between computer science and (computational) linguistics should not miss the lectures "Formal Languages", "Computability and Logic" and "Learning Algorithms".


Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities and limitations of "algorithmic learning" are presented in the lectures on "computability and logic", especially in the forms "recursion and learning theory" and "Kolmogorov complexity" as well as in "learning algorithms" and "data compression". The last lecture may be surprising in this order, but it is also primarily about recognizing patterns and regularities in the data presented. In this context, it should be noted that the Bergmann Professorship also deals with aspects of algorithmic learning (case-based reasoning).



While the "Complexity Theory" discusses in particular the possibilities and limits of resource-limited calculations (e.g. P vs. NP), the lectures "Approximative Algorithms" and "Parameterized Algorithms" present practically relevant options, for example, how to deal with NP-hard problems. These events also complement those offered by the Professorship of Sewing.


Research-oriented Combinations

Anyone who would like to do a master's thesis with us or is thinking about doing a doctorate in theory with us is recommended to listen to at least one lecture from one of the areas we actively "research", i.e. specifically: formal languages, learning algorithms and in particular parameterized algorithms.