Preliminary Course: Formal Foundations of Computer Science

A general description of the preliminary course, an integration of the preliminary course in the courses on theoretical computer science and other helpful presentations can be found in the "Teaching Information".

Subjects of the preliminary course

Many students of computer science and related disciplines, especially during the first semester, wonder about the scope and type of mathematical-formal representations. The preliminary course wants to prepare for it. Formal skills and skills, some of which are known from the school, are repeated and deepened.


On four days a week, we will deal compactly with the following topics:

  1. Computing: Laws and Rules     
  2. Modeling and Formalization: Do not be afraid of formalisms... and logic.   
  3. Why is that true? Logic and proof procedures     
  4. Approach to tasks in computer science and mathematics.


The preliminary course is primarily aimed at new students in these fields:

  • Computer Science and Business Informatics     
  • Speech and Text Technology or Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities.


If you study computer science as a minor subject or if you may be a high school student and you would like to get a taste of the university during the autumn holidays, then you should first consult with the lecturer.