Publications from the year of 2013


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  • Stefan Gulan. Series Parallel Digraphs with Loops - Graphs Encoded by Regular Expression. Theory of Computing Systems 53
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  • Markus L. Schmid. A note on the complexity of matching patterns with variables. Information Processing Letters 113
  • Daniel Binkele-Raible and Henning Fernau. Packing paths: Recycling saves time. Discrete Applied Mathematics 161
  • Anna Kasprzik. Four one-shot learners for regular tree languages and their polynomial characterizability. Theoretical Computer Science 485
  • Daniel Binkele-Raible, Henning Fernau, Serge Gaspers, Mathieu Liedloff. Exact and Parameterized Algorithms for Max Internal Spanning Tree. Algorithmica 65


  • Henning Fernau, Markus L. Schmid, Yngve Villanger. On the Parameterised Complexity of String Morphism Problems. FSTTCS 2013
  • Henning Fernau and Meenakshi Paramasivan. Formal Language Questions for Eulerian Trails. MCU 2013
  • Henning Fernau, Markus L. Schmid, K.G. Subramanian. Two-Dimensional Pattern Languages. NCMA 2013
  • Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund, Sergiu Ivanov, Markus L. Schmid, K.G. Subramanian. Array Insertion and Deletion P Systems. UCNC 2013
  • Henning Fernau and Markus L. Schmid. Pattern Matching with Variables: A Multivariate Complexity Analysis. CPM 2013
  • Johanna Björklund, Henning Fernau, Anna Kasprzik. MAT Learning of Universal Automata. LATA 2013
  • Henning Fernau, Pinar Heggernes, Yngve Villanger. A Multivariate Analysis of Some DFA Problems. LATA 2013