Double Degree students from abroad

As a double degree student from abroad you will also receive a transcript of records at the end of your studies at the University of Trier. The transcript of records contains all completed courses in the Department of business administration, economics and sociology as well as the results achieved inclusive ECTS credits. Courses attended in other faculties please refer to the appropriate contact person.

The procedure to request the transcript of records is as follows:

1. Fill in the application form (Antrags-Formular)
2. Please send the application form to

Certificate (Transcript of Records)Download
Application form for a transcript of records from Trier University.pdf

The performance records (“Schein”; i.e., your grades) are supposed to be delivered to the ERASMUS office by the professors. However, if you are given the "Schein" directly, please submit it to the "Erasmus-Hiwis" in room C346. Only courses with a performance record can be recorded in the transcript. Please understand that the transcript of records can only be finished as soon as all the needed performance records are there.


The ERASMUS office is also responsible for recognizing your achievements already completed at your home university, which is necessary to receive the degree. The procedure is as follows:

1. Fill in the application form for recognition of achievements at your home university.
2. Together with an official list of your grades from your home university, send it to era4hiwiuni-trierde

Application form for recognitionDownload
Application form for recognition of achievements at your home university .pdf
Guidelines for completing the application form for double degree students (Bergamo).pdf

Please follow the guidelines for completing the application form. Both forms are currently only available in German. If you have any questions or trouble filling in the form, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Jacobs (erasfb4uni-trierde).