The selection of applicants for a study place within the ERASMUS program takes place within the framework of a standardized application procedure according to the following criteria:

  • Previous academic achievements (especially in basic studies): 50%
  • Knowledge of the respective language of instruction proven in a standardized test: 30%
  • Formal appearance of the application documents and motivation of the applicants: 20%

All students in Department IV who have completed their basic studies ("Grundlagenstudium") or will have completed them before starting the year abroad are eligible to apply. Places will be allocated with the help of a ranking of applicants based on the above criteria and will be based on stated study location preferences.

Please also note that you are generally applying for a full academic year. A shortening is only possible under compelling circumstances, must be applied for accordingly and may be sanctioned if necessary. If you explicitly apply for one semester, you will be treated disadvantageously in the allocation of study places, but you still have a chance to get a study place.

You can download the necessary application documents here. There is information as well as forms available, which you please fill out via PC and print out yourself. Among other things, the information sheet for your application is important, on which the exact procedure for the application as well as all application documents to be submitted are listed. The online application form mentioned there ( must be filled out online and two signed printouts are required. You will find more details on the information sheet.

Please note that for reasons of comparability and fairness, we must insist on participation in the language tests listed in the FAQs. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other proof (vacation courses, high school diplomas, etc.).

The dates of the language tests will be announced on the home page of the homepage. Further information is also available here:


Documents you need before starting your stay abroad

Next application period for the year 2022/23.pdf
Presentation Info Event Application ERASMUS+ from 2021/11/17.pdf
Notes on Applying for an Exchange 2022/23.pdf
Program list bachelor's program 2023/24.pdf
Program list master's program 2023/24.pdf
Presentation Info Event Recognition (Status: 19.04.2021).pdf
Guide to successful recognition.pdf
Course arrangement Sociology Master according to new PO.xls
Course arrangement VWL Master
Core subject/major/minor according to new PO
Online Learning Agreement Step-by-Step Guide.pdf
Learning Agreement 1&2 (Status: 14.05.2019).doc