ProCAKE - The Process-Oriented Case-Based Knowledge Engine of the CAKE framework - evolved from several research projects at the University of Trier over the years. ProCAKE constitutes a domain-independent framework that can be used to implement diverse structural or process-oriented case-based reasoning applications for integrated process and knowledge management.

The source code of the ProCAKE framework is publicly available under an open-source license via our GitLab. Further, a running application project is accessible here.

For questions or feedback please contact procakeuni-trierde.


  • generic and domain-independent framework
  • tailored for developing structural and process-oriented CBR applications
  • comprehensive and extendable data types for knowledge modeling
  • various syntactic and semantic similarity measures
  • several retrieval algorithms (k-NN, MAC/FAC, …)
  • generic adaptation framework for integrating adaptation methods
  • modular and pattern-driven architecture
  • written in Java and configurable via XML

Current Research Projects

Flexible Workflow Execution - SEMAFLEX and SEMANAS projects

Cyber-Physical Workflows - IoT-Lab and EBLS4Industry project

Modeling Assistance for Scientific Workflows - EVER II project