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M. de Berg, M. van Kreveld, S. Schirra: A new Approach to Subdivision Simplification
V. Milenkovic, L. R. Nackman: Finding Compact Coordinate Representations for Polygons and Polyhedra
R. Estkowski, J.S.B. Mitchell: Simplifying a Polygonal Subdivision While Keeping it Simple
S. Fortune: Vertex-rounding a three-dimensional polyhedral subdivision
L. J. Guibas, J. E. Hershberger, J. S. B. Mitchell, J. S. Snoeyink: Approximating Polygons and Subdivisions with Minimum-Link Paths
L. J. Guibas, D. H. Marimont: Rounding Arrangements Dynamically
M. T. Goodrich, L. J. Guibas: Snap Rounding Line Segments Efficiently in Two and Three Dimensions
D. Halperin, E. Packer Iterated Snap Rounding
J. Hershberger, J. Snoeyink: Speeding Up the Douglas-Peucker Line-Smplification Algorithm
J. Hershberger, J. Snoeyink: Cartographic Line Simplification and Polygon CSG Formulae in O(n log*n) Time
J. Hershberger, J. Snoeyink: Computing minimum length paths of a given homotopy class
S. Cabello, Y. Liu, A. Mantler, J. Snoeyink: Testing Homotopy for Paths in the Plane
O. Devillers, P. Guigne: Inner and Outer Rounding of Set Operations on Lattice Polygonal Regions
V. J. Milenkovic: Shortest Path Geometric Rounding
S. Fortune: Polyhedral modeling with multiprecision integer arithmetic
S. Fortune: Vertex-rounding a three-dimensional polyhedral subdivision