Election of an Equal Opportunities Officer

As of 25.04.2024, the office of Equal Opportunities Officer in Faculty IV - Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science - at Trier University is to be filled on a rotational basis for the next three years.

The Faculty Council should appoint an Equal Opportunities Officer for a period of three years and, in the event of her absence, a deputy with the same duties, rights and obligations; one of these should be a university employee within the meaning of § 46 HochSchG, the other a female member of the university. The office of Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer is filled until 29.01.2026. All interested female members of Faculty IV of Trier University are expressly invited to apply for the position of Equal Opportunities Officer FB IV. Reappointments are possible.

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty has the particular task of supporting the Dean as well as the bodies and committees of the Faculty in the performance of tasks in accordance with § 4 para. 1 to 3 HochSchG and to report regularly to the Dean and the Faculty Council on her activities. She has the right to participate in all social, organizational and personnel measures relating to gender equality, the compatibility of studies or work and family or the protection of members and relatives of the faculty against harassment and sexual harassment at the workplace or place of study, and can propose measures in these areas to the Dean and Faculty Council. In order to perform these tasks, she must be informed in good time and comprehensively of all measures in which she can participate, she can submit statements, participate in an advisory capacity in the meetings of all faculty committees and submit proposals; her statements must be attached to the documents. She has a suspensive right of veto (§ 4 para. 9 HochSchG, § 48 para. 4 GrundO).

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the faculty should be released from her official duties to the extent necessary at her request and must be provided with the resources required to carry out her duties. If an Equal Opportunities Officer who is released from her duties assigns tasks to a deputy to be carried out independently, the deputy shall take over the Equal Opportunities Officer's duties on a pro rata basis to the extent corresponding to the tasks assigned.

In addition, reference is made to the duties and powers of the Equal Opportunities Officer regulated in § 4 HochSchG and § 48 GrundO. Interested persons should send their application to the Dean of Department IV by 19.01.2024.

The election is scheduled for the meeting of the Faculty Council on 31.01.2024.