Workshop "Modern Complexity Aspects of Formal Languages": Kick-off for DFG project FE560/9-1

11. February - 15. February 2019 at Trier University.


Within Formal Languages, algorithmic and complexity-theoretic questions are abundant.

Let us only mention

  • classical decision problems for finite automata
  • synchronizing words and similar special words
  • string problems
  • finding best fitting descritions or, more generally, approximations of languages
  • grammar based compression

So far, there are only few studies that deal with these questions considering modern aspects of complexity theory as, for instance, parameterized complexity, in particular a multi-parameter approach, (S)ETH-based lower bounds or, more generally, fine-grained complexity, FPT within P etc.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers with different backgrounds to exchange ideas and to initiate or promote common research on these questions.

We will start on Monday morning at 9 am. The workshop will end in the early Friday afternoon. It is possible to give a talk, but more important are interesting research problems on which we can work together.

A binding registration is required mid-November at the latest is nescessary if you also want to make a hotel reservation with your registration. Please send the registrations by post or e-mail to Ms. Stürmer-Schwarz


Important information for participants