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2nd European-American Conference on Religious Freedom

Church Autonomy and Religious Liberty
May 27 to May 30 1999 in Trier / Germany

Scientific projects in cooperation with the University of Trier

Andries; Edward M., Dr.; J.D., M.A.(phil); Carr Goodson Warner, P.C.; USA; Washington DC; Religious and Philosophical Norms in the Constitutions of Germany and the United States(final version)
Ariens; Michael S.; Prof.; St. Mary's Law School; USA; San Antonio; Defining "Church" in American Law
van Bijsterveld; Sophie C.; Dr.; Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid; Netherlands; Le Tilburg; Religious Liberty and Church Autonomy in the Netherlands
Frhr. v. Campenhausen; Axel; Prof. Dr.; Kirchenrechtliches Institut der EKD; Göttingen; Germany, Church Autonomy in Germany
Chopko; Mark E.; United States Catholic Conference; USA; Washington DC; Constitutional Protection for Church Autonomy: A Practitionser's View(revised version)
Esbeck; Carl H.; Professor; University of Missouri; USA; Columbia, Missouri; The American System of Church-State Relations (and its Bearing on Church Autonomy)
Gaffney; Edward M., Prof., Valparaiso University, School of Law, USA, Valparaiso, Indiana; ReligiousAutonomy and the Exemption of Religious Organizations from Federal Taxation in the United States
Gedicks; Frederick Mark; Prof.; Brigham Young University; USA; Provo Utah; Towards an LDS Understanding of Church Autonomy
Hill; Mark; Pump Court Temple; UK; London; Church Autonomy in the United Kingdom
Kiviorg;Merilin; University of Tartu; Estonia, Tartu; Church Autonomy in Estonia
Lash; Kurt T.; Prof.; Loyola-Marymount University; USA; Los Angeles; Five Models of Church Autonomy: An Historical Look at Religious Liberty Under the United States Constitution
Long; Gianni; Prof.; Italy; Rome; Church Autonomy in Italy (revised version)
Martínez-Torrón; Javier; Prof.; Catedratico Universidad de Granada; Spain; Granada; Church Autonomy and Religious Liberty in Spain
Mazurkiewicz; Piotr, Dr.; Kath.-Theol. Akademie Warschau; Poland; Warsaw; Autonomy of the Church and Freedom of Religion in Poland
Minnerath; Roland; Prof.; Faculté de Théologie Catholique; France; Strasbourg; Church Autonomy in Europe
Mortensen; Viggo; Prof. Dr.; Department. of Theology; Denmark; Aarhus; Church Autonomy and Religious Liberty in Denmark
Mousin; Craig B.; Rev.; Center for Church/State Studies; USA; Chicago, Illinois; State Constitutions and the Autonomy of Religious Institutions
Papastathis; Charalambos K.; Prof. Dr.; Faculty of Law; Greece; Thessaloniki; Religious Self-Administration in the Hellenic Republic 
Papastathis; Charalambos K.; Prof. Dr.; Faculty of Law; Greece; Thessaloniki; Religious Self-Administration in the Hellenic Republic
Roudik; Peter L.; Dr.; Law Library of Congress; USA; Washington DC, Church Autonomy in the Russian Federation
Rutz; Gregor; lic.iur.; Institut für Kirchenrecht und Staatskirchenrecht; Switzerland; Freiburg; Church Autonomy in Switzerland
Schanda; Balázs; Dr. iur; Verfassungsgericht der Republik Ungarn; Hungary; Budapest; Church Autonomy and Religious Liberty in Hungary
Schinkele; Brigitte; Prof. Dr.; Universität Wien; Austria; Wien; Church Autonomy in Austria
de Sousa e Brito, José; Prof.; Tribunal Constitucional; Lisbon; Church Autonomy in Portugal
Torfs; Rik; Prof. Dr.; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Belgium; Leuven; Church Autonomy in Belgium
Tretera; Jiri R.; Dr. Iur.; Faculty of Law, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, Prague, Church Autonomy in the Czech Republic
van der Vyver; Johan; Prof.; Emory University School of Law; USA; Atlanta, Georgia; Sphere Sovereignty of Religious Institutions: A Contemporary Calvinistic Theory of Church-State Relations



Robbers, Gerhard (ed.), Church Autonomy: A Comparative Survey, Frankfurt/M. u.a.: Peterlang, 2001, 716 pp. (ISBN 978-3-631-36223-5 pb)