Civil Law I

A detailed schedule (Ablaufplan) for this course is available in German only ...

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:30-10, Audimax

Course Description

Civil law is defined as that area of the law which regulates the relationship between private persons, while public law and criminal law are concerned with the relationship betweeen the individual and the state.

This course provides an overview of the most important matters covered by the German Civil Code (the Buergerlichges Gesetzbuch of 1900). We will analyse basic concepts such as Rechtsgeschäft (juridical act), Vertrag (contract), possession and property, liability in tort anbd liability for unjustified enrichment.

The second part of the course covers Book I (the Gerneral Part) iof the Civil Code in detail. The focus will be on doctrine of the juridical act. This complex and abstract doctrine is concerned with such important issues as formation of contract, validity of wills, rescission of contracts etc.

In addition to the legal doctrines already mentioned, students will learn how to write a legal opinion according to the guidelines of the Gutachtenstil which must be complied with in all legal exams in Germany.

The course is intended for students in their first semester. It is the first opart of the introductory course oin civil law, which willl be continued next summer.

ERASMUS students may submit to an ortal examination a the end of the semester. Please let me know by the end of December if you are interested in doing so! 


Suggested reading

Please refer to the German version of thgis page for suggested reading in German.

  • Gerhard Dannemann, An introduction to Germn civil and commercial law, 1993, UB: r41800.

A detailed schedule (Ablaufplan) for this course is available in German only...Ablaufplan