Au Pair Placements

Being an au pair is a great way to spend time in a foreign country. You live with a host family and take care of their children; in return, you spent time with a family, take part in family activities, and have the chance to take a language class or a college/university class. Check out the websites below to find a suitable placement for you!

British Au Pair Agencies Association: This BAPAA sets out standards for working as an au pair, what to expect from a good au pair placement agency/website and things to watch out for whilst applying / working. 

U.S. Dept. of State - Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs: This link provides a list of the state-approved au pair agencies designated by the State Department. 

Au Pair in America: AIFS provides information and programs for going to the US as an Au Pair. 

International Au Pair Association: The IAPA provides a list of au pair agencies in various countries who adhere to standards and guidelines for au pair placement and treatment, and through whom you can arrange your placement. 

Au-Pair Society: A German society for Au Pairs. 

Culture Care Au Pair: An organization for Au Pair placements in the USA. 

Work & Travel

You can use these links to find out more about organising a working holiday or work-and-travel trip to the following countries:

USA Work& Travel - This site provides information on applying for a Summer Work Travel Visa for the USA (May - October) and funding your travels by working in short-term jobs in the USA. 

USA - Intrax Work & Travel is another opportunity for working short term in the USA.

USA - Spend time the USA as a camp counselor with Americamp

Canada - International Experience Canada - Create a free profile in a pool to be invited to apply for a visa to work in Canada as an IEC candidate. Create a profile as soon as possible if you'd like to go to Canada within the next 12 months!

Canada - Werkstudierendenprogramm der Deutsch-kanadischen Gesellschaft - This programme organises 6-8 week summer work placements, usually paid at minimum wage, but often with free accommodation / board. Jobs for example in hotels, restaurants, holiday rental companies, other office jobs, and on farms. Participation costs around 1500€ but this includes the travel costs from Frankfurt a.M. to your work placement destination, a 2-day preparatory seminar, and support with applications for social security papers, etc.

New Zealand - Find out more about NZ's Working Holiday Scheme, available to young people (<30), which lets you travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months. German citizens will need to prove they have NZ $4,200 in order to apply. 

Australia - Working Holiday Maker - Find out about and apply for a "working holiday-maker visa", for which you'll need to prove you have about AUD 5,000 to support yourself. 

Other Ideas

Here are two general landing pages with lots of information and options for spending your time abroad: