Zeitschriftenartikel (peer-review)

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Gnas, J., Urban, J., Feuchter, M. D., & Preckel, F. (accepted for publication). Socio-emotional experiences of primary school students: Relations to teachers' underestimation, overestimation, or accurate judgment of their cognitive ability. Social Psychology of Education.


Pastötter, B., Urban, J., Lötzer, J., & Frings, C. (2022). Retrieval practice enhances new learning but does not affect performance in subsequent arithmetic tasks. Journal of Cognition, 5(1), 22.

R-Pakete / Code


Urban, J., Feuchter, M. D., Scherrer, V., Breit, M., & Preckel, F. (2024). MAGMA.R: MAny-Group MAtching. R package version 1.0.1


Bluemke, M. & Urban, J. (2023). Code/Syntax: Functions IPU & CI.IPU - Index of Proximity to Unidimensionality (lavaan).



Urban, J., Groskurth, K., Schmidt, I. (2023). Organizational Commitment Scale (ISSP). Zusammenstellung sozialwissenschaftlicher Items und Skalen (ZIS).



Urban, J., Feuchter, M. D., & Preckel, F. (March 2024). Heating Up! Using the MAGMA Algorithm to Balance out Complex Study Designs in Educational Field Research [Paper Session]. GEBF, Potsdam, Germany.

Ell, T., Urban, J., Repke, L., & Silber, H. (2023). Entwicklung und Validierung einer Kurzskala zu sozialen Offline- und Online-Kontakten während der Covid-19-Pandemie. Frühjahrstagung der Sektion Soziologische Netzwerkforschung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, 2023-03-15.

Urban, J., Schmidt, I., & Groskurth, K. (2023). Evaluating the quality of the ISSP Occupational Commitment Scale (ISSP-OCC) across countries: Does economy have its price? 10th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, 2023-07-21.

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