Prof. Dr. Henning Rossa

Sekretariat: Christiane Schwind, Tel.: +49(0)651 201-2358

Research interests

Currently, my research is positioned at the interface of investigations of teachers’ professional development and studies on facets of effective (foreign) language teaching. In a longitudinal interview study (BELT: Beliefs about Effective Language Teaching) informants (N=8) working towards a teaching degree in an in-service training scheme (18 months) have reported on their TEFL-related beliefs, and which learning opportunities and episodes they feel have caused their beliefs to change and develop.  

In my PhD thesis, published in the book series Inquiries in Language Learning (Peter Lang), I have studied the concept of test validity and test-takers’ mental processes in the context of L2 listening assessment, employing verbal protocols elicited by the think-aloud method and stimulated-recall interviews.

Additionally, I am interested in designing content and language integrated learning, assessing the construct of intercultural competence, conceptualising foreign language teaching in the context of inclusive education, and understanding the impact of standards-based curricula and central exit exams on classroom practice in TEFL.


I have taught students at all levels, aiming at a teaching degree in primary education, secondary school, special needs education and vocational school. The courses I offer cover various issues relevant to foreign language pedagogy, e.g. supporting language learning in the task-based classroom, exploring the intercultural dimension of language teaching, implementing CLIL in early foreign language learning, making use of media in the EFL-classroom, teaching film and teaching literature.

With the help of the Erasmus+ scheme and a grant from the University of Canberra, I have also taught university level courses for initial language teacher education in China (Nanchang Normal University), the UK (University of Worcester), in Poland (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa, Nowy Sącz) and Sweden (Uppsala Universitet).

In my research and teaching I continue to draw on my previous experiences as a certified teacher for the subjects English and Physical Education at lower and upper secondary level. Initially, I started teaching English to employees in telecoms corporations in 1996, when I was a student.

Extra-curricular activities

Based on my own experience in language test construction and evaluation, I have been asked to provide research-based consulting to numerous state-wide as well as national projects on assessing language abilities and implementing educational standards. Recently, I joined the editorial board of Zeitschrift für Fremdsprachenforschung (ZFF), a journal which publishes research on second/foreign language learning and teaching. I am also involved in a project, which seeks to provide training in research methodology for graduate students working towards a PhD in L2 learning and teaching.

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