Office hours during the summer term 2022

NamePhoneRoomMailOffice hour
Arndt-Lappe, Prof. Dr. Sabine2278B 336arndtlappe@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 13.00-14.00. On-site or via Zoom after registration on Stud.IP
Banks, Michael2281B

Tuesdays,11.45-12.15. No office hours on 24 May, 31 May or 7 June – by appointment only in these weeks. Please sign up for an 8-minute slot on Stud.IP. Will be extended to 12.30 if required (= students waiting or requested in advance). Online/telephone only possible if essential and agreed in advance.

Boyce, Amanda2296B 353boyce@uni-trier.deWednesdays, 10.00–11.00, on-site in B 353 after registration on Stud.IP
Colligs, Britta2296B 353colligs@uni-trier.deBy appointment.
Duffield, Prof. Dr. Hilary2301B 356Hilary.Duffield@uni-trier.deWednesdays, 17.00-18.00, via ZOOM. Please email andrea.scheueruni-trierde for a time slot.
Ebbert-Hübner, Carol2283B 341ebbert@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 13.00-14.00. Please let me know if you're attending via ZOOM. Additional appointments via email.
Ganster, Tammy2280B 338ganster@uni-trier.deThursdays, 13.00-14.00. On-site or via Zoom after registration on Stud.IP
Helsper, Daniel M.3361B 328helsper@uni-trier.deOffice hours after appointment via email.
Hertel, Prof. Dr. Ralf2291B 351hertel@uni-trier.deWednesdays, 13.00-14.00, upon prior registration on the lists posted at my office.
Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Sebastian2287B 344hoffmann@uni-trier.deWednesdays, 9.00-11.00 and by appointment; either on-site or via Zoom. Please sign-up on Stud.IP
Hurm, Prof. Dr. Gerd2302B 359hurm@uni-trier.deThursdays, 16.00-17.00, via ZOOM after registration on Stud.IP
Klassen, Lisa4319B

Office hours after appointment via email. 

Kraft, Dr. Bettina2295B 355kraftb@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 17.00-19.00. Please sign up on Stud.IP.
Maas, Clare2286B

Wednesdays 10 – 11 am. Sign up for a slot on StudIP or email for an alternative appointment.

Müller, Dr. Markus M.2383B

Wednesdays, 14.30-16.00, either on-site in B 349 or via Zoom. Please register on Stud.IP

Rossa, Prof. Dr. Henning3344B 326rossa@uni-trier.deWednesdays, 10.00-11.00 in cyberspace, by phone (0651 201 3344), or via Zoom, always after registration on Stud.IP (for Zoom-link see Stud.IP).
Sand, Prof. Dr. Andrea2279B 337sand@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 9.00-10.00. Please sign up on Stud.IP. And by appointment via  ZOOM.  
Sawallisch, JProf. Dr. Nele2207B 348sawallisch@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 14.30-16.00. On-site or via ZOOM. Registration via email.
Schmit, Joline4319B 327schmitj@uni-trier.deOffice hours after appointment via email.
Schramm, Marina2277B 335schrammm@uni-trier.deOffice hours after appointment via email.
Skipp, Dr. Jennifer2281B 343skipp@uni-trier.deMondays, 9.00-10.00. Sign up on Stud.IP.  Please specify face-to-face or Zoom appointment.
Weider, Danielle Vey2282B

Mondays 4-5pm. Sign up on Stud.IP. Additional appointments via email.

Windberger, Eva-Maria2303B 352

Please email me to arrange office hours via Zoom