Office hours during the summer break (July 24 –October 20, 2023)

NamePhoneRoomMailOffice hour
Akbulut, Alp Levent2286B 339akbulut@uni-trier.de2.8., 10-12  in person,  Please email me for appointments at other times via Zoom.
Arndt-Lappe, Prof. Dr. Sabine2278B

1.8., 11-12
5.9., 11-12
10.10., 11-12

and by appointment. On-site or via Zoom after registration on Stud.IP 

Banks, Michael2281B

Tuesday, 25 July, 11.00-11.30

Wednesday, 30 August, 11.00-11.30

Wednesday, 18 October, 11.00-11.30

In person. Please sign up via Stud.IP. Please e-mail for appointments at other times, including on Zoom.  

Boyce, Amanda2296B


1. August 

15. August

12. September



20. September

4. Oktober

18. Oktober

daily from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration is via stud.ip and the consultation hours usually take place in person at B353. If you would like consultation hours via zoom, please indicate this at least one week in advance when registering in stud.ip.   

Colligs, Britta2296B

16. August (Wednesday), 13 – 15:00

21. September (Thursday), 13 – 15:00

5. Oktober (Thursday), 13 - 15:00

The office hours take place in person (B 353) and must be registered on Stud.IP. If desired, a zoom session can also take place, but this must be announced via Stud.Ip at least one day in advance. 

Duffield, Prof. Dr. Hilary2301B



20.09. (postponed from 15.09.) 13-14 h  via Zoom

Please email asking for a timeslot.

Ebbert-Hübner, Carol2283B

July 25th 2-3 pm

August 8th 2-3 pm

October 17th 2-3 pm

And by appointment  

Ganster, Tammy2280B 338ganster@uni-trier.dePlease email me to set up an appointment.
Hertel, Prof. Dr. Ralf2291B

9.8. 13-14h

24.8. 10-11h

4.9. 12-13h

9.10. 13-14h

and by appointment upon prior registration on the lists posted at my office.

Zoom appointments can also be entered; please don't forget to include an email address on the notice.

Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Sebastian2287B 344hoffmann@uni-trier.dePlease email me to arrange office hours via Zoom or in person.
Hurm, Prof. Dr. Gerd2302B 359hurm@uni-trier.deBy appointment. Please sign up via e-mail. 
Klassen, Lisa4319B

Please email me to set up an appointment via Zoom or in person. 

Krämer, Viktoria3361B

By appointment via e-mail. Digital or on site.

Kraft, Dr. Bettina2295B

Dienstag, 25.07.2023 09:00 bis 11:00 Uhr (Zoom)

Dienstag, 08.08.2023 09:00 bis 11:00 Uhr (Zoom)

Dienstag, 22.08.2023 09:00 bis 11:00 Uhr (Zoom)

Freitag, 29.09.2023 12:00 bis 14:00 Uhr (Zoom)

Dienstag, 10.10.2023 09:00 bis 11:00 Uhr (Zoom)

Registration via StudIP. Alternative dates can be arranged by email.   

Maas, Clare2286B

Currently on parental leave

Marquardt, Barbara2298B 354marquardt@uni-trier.deBy appointment via e-mail. 
Müller, Dr. Markus M.2383B

Office hours (priority: presence) between the terms 2023

Wed  26 July      15.00 – 17.00

Wed  30 Aug      15.00 – 17.00

Wed  13 Sep      15.00 – 17.00

Wed  27 Sep      15.00 – 17.00

Wed  11 Oct       15.00 – 17.00


Please register via Stud.IP for (an) office hour slot(s) and

indicate if you want to meet in person or via Zoom.

Note that no queries can be answered during

August and from 14 to 22 October 2023!   

Rossa, Prof. Dr. Henning3344B 326rossa@uni-trier.de5.9. 10-12 Uhr
20.9. 10-12 Uhr
10.10. 10-12 Uhr

bookable in stud.ip.

In B326, by phone or via Zoom. Please state your preference! 

Sand, Prof. Dr. Andrea2279B

31.07. 10-12

07.08. 10-12

14.08. 10-12

21.08. 10-12

11.09.  10-12

18.09.  10-12

25.09. 10-12

09.10. 10-12

oder nach Vereinbarung, im Regelfall per Zoom, Anmeldung via stud.ip.  

Sawallisch, JProf. Dr. Nele2207B

-          25.7. (nur per zoom)

-          29.8. (Präsenz / zoom)

-          26.9. (Präsenz / zoom)

-          17.10. (Präsenz / zoom)

Please sign up via e-mail.  

Schmit, Joline4319B

By appointment via Zoom

Please sign up via e-mail.

Schramm, Marina2277B

Via zoom by appointment

(by email about one week in advance)  

Schwarzmeier, Julia2298B 354schwarzmeier@uni-trier.deTuesdays, 4-5 pm via zoom. Please sign up via e-mail.     
Skipp, Dr. Jennifer2281B

My office hours will be Wednesdays from 12-13:00 except 09. 30. August, and 06. Sept. 

Please sign up on Stud.IP for in-person office hours. 

Weider, Danielle Vey2282B

July 26th 5-6pm; September 25th 4:30-5:30pm; Additional office hours TBA (see Stud.IP). On campus or Zoom. Alternative appointments via email. Sign up on Stud.IP. 

Windberger, Eva-Maria2303B 352

Please email me to arrange office hours via Zoom or in person. 

Please email me to set up an appointment via Zoom or in person.