Study Abroad

Are you looking for an interesting, worthwhile way of spending time abroad? Would you like to go to university in another country? Then you should consider applying for a study abroad exchange with one of the Department of English Studies’ partner universities. This may be part of the Erasmus+ programme or a separate exchange within or beyond Europe. Whether you are studying English as your major or minor subject, or as part of your BEd degree, you're welcome to apply for any of these exchanges. 

The benefits of participating in an exchange program are definitely worth it, particularly for language students! You’ll get to know what it’s like to be a student in another country, learn what the differences are to studying in Germany, and this will help you broaden your horizons and have a new perspective on things, within and beyond your degree subject. You will meet new people from all around the world, learn/improve your foreign language skills and see interesting, new places. Take the first step to becoming a new, more self-reliant person.