Lisa Klassen

I am a PhD student of Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL, Fachdidaktik Englisch). Before joining the English Department in October 2020, I studied English, Biology and Education (M.Ed.) at the Universities of Trier and Chester (UK). My research interests are related to digital media in the field of TEFL. 

Together with my colleagues, I am currently developing a course concept that aims to equip trainee-teachers of English with the necessary skills to teach with digital media. Additionally, the seminar aims to prepare trainee-teachers to competently use digital resources in their teaching of English as a foreign language. Further, it is investigated to what extent digital competences of trainee-teachers will develop during their studies. Within this course, trainee-teachers are given the opportunity to practically implement digitally mediated teaching situations at a school. Therefore, I am also investigating learning processes that take place in foreign language learning with digital media.


I am also currently "stellvertretende Gleichstellungsbeauftragte" of the Faculty (Fachbereich II).


Research interests:

  • Professional development of trainee-teachers of EFL
  • Digital competences
  • Reverse mentoring
  • Learning processes in the digitally mediated EFL classroom