Trier Center for American Studies (TCAS)

The Trier Center for American Studies (TCAS) is an academic center at the University of Trier devoted to an interdisciplinary focus on American literature and culture in both teaching and research. It was officially opened in the summer semester of 2004.

The TCAS is institutionally located in the faculty of Linguistics, Literature, and Media Studies (Fachbereich II), at the University of Trier. At present, it is staffed by members of the English Department and cooperates closely with the Canadian Studies Centre (ZKS). Two professors (Prof. Dr. Gerd Hurm, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß), as well as several affiliated faculty members and adjunct lecturers contribute to the Center with their teaching and research in American literature and culture. A new MA degree program "MA North American Studies," with particular emphasis on the United States and Canada, documents the close cooperation between the two Centers.

The TCAS works to provide more opportunities for teaching and research for students interested in American Studies.

The TCAS continues to build relationships with American research universities and institutes. This includes supporting an extant MA double-degree program with Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts. In 2007, a vital exchange program for graduates and faculty members has been established with Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

Through partnerships and public events with local and regional organisations (e.g. Trier City Library, Trier Community College), the TCAS regularly offers lectures on current research issues in American Studies to a broader audience in Trier and the surrounding areas.

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