Dr. Markus M. Müller

Markus M. Müller studied creative writing at the University of Manitoba (1992/93), was a research visitor at the University of Ottawa's Institute for Canadian Studies (1997/98) and joined the Department of English Studies at the University of Trier in 1999. Since 2000, he has also been teaching at the Summer (or Spring) Schools on the New Literatures in English at Kiel, Berlin, and Frankfurt. He has published and lectured mostly on Canadian writing, but also on German drama and, on the internet, on other literatures and pop music, edited a poetic journal (Dennis Cooley, Passwords, 1996; 1999) and, together with David Parris and Robert C. Thomsen, a collection of essays (Passages to Canada; 2002). While his Ph.D. investigated how the motif of masquerade complicates and constitutes notions of identity in the works of Frederick Philip Grove and Robert Kroetsch, his post-doctoral, interdisciplinary study (Habilitation) is entitled "Sixty & Beyond? Old Age and Aging in Current American and Canadian Novels." Other interests in teaching and research are modern North American literature and mythologies; gender and (trans)cultural studies; historiographies; fairy tales; poetry and/as music. Currently, he is preparing a "Lehrerfortbildung" headlined "Canada in the (European) Classroom" for April 2008.


Selected Publications

I. Articles and Books

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II. Reviews

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