Dear Student,

As current Head of the Department of English Studies, I would like to welcome you to the English Department - whether you are a new student this semester or are continuing your studies here in Trier.

Our department is part of Faculty II (Languages, Literatures and Media Studies) and consists of three sections: language, linguistics and literature. You can find further information about our staff, our teaching and our research on our homepage.

Information about individual courses is available on Stud.IP:

You can register for courses and exams on the Porta system:

If you need help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our members of staff. Office hours are posted outside our offices on the third floor of the B-Building and also online on this website as part of the "general information" menu. My own office is B336 and you can reach me by email at gfangluni-trierde.

Students with questions about requirements and confirmations for periods spent abroad as an official part of their studies should consult Dr. Bettina Kraft, our student advisor: kraftbuni-trierde.

With best wishes,

Professor Sabine Arndt-Lappe