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The Literary Studies ("Literaturwissenschaft") branch of the Department of English Studies at the University of Trier focuses on the interpretation of texts and the analysis of their functions from historical and cultural perspectives. Courses are offered across the periods, from medieval times to the present day, and across the genres, with the overall objective of covering canonised as well as very new literatures from the British, American, Irish and other branches of the English-speaking world. Moreover, a particularly interdisciplinary approach is fostered by the Centre for Canadian Studies (ZKS) with its regular symposia and author readings, while the Trier Center for American Studies (TCAS) also highlights cultural studies aspects. Both centres further enhance the Department of English Studies' programme by inviting guest professors from North America to teach for a full term / year.

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  • Horst Breuer, Dr. phil., Dr. phil. habil. (Freiburg i. Br.)
  • Hilary Duffield, BA, PhD (Cardiff), Dr. phil. habil. (Freiburg i. Br.)
  • Gerd Hurm, MA, Dr. phil., Dr. phil. habil. (Freiburg i. Br.)
  • Wolfgang Klooß, BA (Manchester College, USA), Dr. phil. (Marburg), Dr. phil. habil. (Kiel)
  • Norbert Platz, Dr.phil., Dr.phil.habil. (Mannheim)
  • Uli Jung, Dr. phil. (Trier)

Former researchers and teachers