Another programme run by Erasmus+ provides financial support for students who wish to do a work placement in a European country ("Erasmus+ Auslandspraktikum"). Whether you are studying at Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral level, for an Arts or an Education degree, if you would like to spend some time abroad working rather than studying, this Erasmus+ programme might interest you!


The funding is for "self-organised work placements", but there is some help available on how to find one. You can find internships and work placements (both paid and unpaid) by following the links under the tab 'Internships & Jobs' or by using standard search engines, or a database provided by the Erasmus Praktika office. 


To receive Erasmus+ funding for a work placement, you should...

 - have completed at least two semester of study at Bachelor's level.

 - organise or find a work placement in a country other than where you live ("Hauptwohnsitz") and/or study. 

 - organise or find a work placement to last between 60 and 360 days.

 - complete the application process described here

Find out more on the website or talk to Dr Colligs.


If you would like to do a work placement as a foreign language teaching assistant at a school in the UK, contact Dr Britta Colligs (erasmusangluni-trierde) for information on your options. 


Note that if you wish to do a work placement in the UK, you will need a visa. Find more information here.