Amanda Martha Boyce

Amanda Martha Boyce joined the English Department in July 2019, after studying English and Japanese at the University of Trier and English Literatures and Media at the University of Trier and Portland State University, OR, USA, and obtained a Master of Arts in March 2019. They are currently working on their PhD thesis in the area of fan studies, investigating transmedial power dynamics and the depiction of fan fiction / fan fiction authors in print and television narratives. The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Hilary Duffield.

Main Areas of Teaching and Research

  • Queer/Feminist Fiction and Film
  • Contemporary Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Fan Studies/Reader-Response Studies
  • Comic Studies/Graphic Narratives

Selection of Past Classes

  • Introduction to Fan Studies: Fandom, Fan Fiction, and Paratexts
  • Censorship in Hollywood
  • North American Graphic Memoirs
  • The Queer Subversion of Young Adult Fantasy Literature
  • Japanese-Canadian Writing

Current Projects, Memberships & Associations


*Boyce, Amanda M. et al. "Third Mission (im-)possible?! Handlungsoptionen für den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs." Book of Abstracts der 4. Interdisziplinären Graduiertenkonferenz, 2023. 

*FORTHCOMING: Boyce, Amanda M. "The Fix-It-Novel: How Commercial Authors Instrumentalize Fanfiction’s Subversive Potential," in Fix-It-Fics: Challenging the Status Quo Through Fanfiction. Vernon Press, 2023. 


*Boyce, Amanda M. et al. DocColloq Konferenz - WissKomm als Fokus einer Tagung für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen.      Wissenschaft im Dialog: Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation Konferenz Bielefeld, November 2023.

*Boyce, Amanda M. Engaging with the Self-Insert RPF: Empathy for the Other in Fan Spaces vs. Commercial Publishing. Northeast Popular & American Culture Association Annual Conference, October 2023. 

*Boyce, Amanda M. Queer Journeying: Sorai Mone’s Our Not-So Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Self-Acceptance. Popular Cultures Conference: Saarbrücken, September 2023.

*Boyce, Amanda M. Narrating Desires: Real Person (Fan) Fiction and Self-Discovery in Contemporary YA Novels. Narrative Matters Conference: Tampere, June 2023.

*Boyce, Amanda. (Re)Negotiating Power Dynamics: The Impact of Fan Fiction on Contemporary Novels. Northeast Popular & American Culture Association Annual Conference (, 2022.

*Boyce, Amanda: Othering in the Heteronormative: A Study in Queerbaiting. The Society for the Study of Narrative Annual Conference, 2019.