01.09.2017 - 10:31

Deadline for Australian Exchange Programs Extended!

Students looking for a special place to study abroad can still apply for ‘down under’ until 29 September 2017! Australia offers a productive academic learning environment, plus lots of culture, nature, sunshine. We still have...mehr

01.09.2017 - 09:48

Save the Date! Orientation Days WS2017/2018

Schedule: Monday, 9th October, 13.00-14.00: BA Studienberatung for BA Hauptfach and Nebenfach students. Tuesday 10th October , 15.00-16.00 and 16.15-17.45: Studienberatung for BEd students organized by ZfL . Wednesday...mehr

17.08.2017 - 14:36

Learn everything about Britain's 90s!

The course “LANG 801 – British Cultural Studies: the Nineties” supervised by Clare Maas has created an ebook which contains essays on diverse topics concerning the situation of Great Britain in the 90s, including politics,...mehr