Viktoria Anna Krämer

I am a PhD student of Teaching English as Foreign Language at Trier University. In my PhD project, which is supervised by Prof. Dr. Rossa, I am doing research in the field of diagnosis and enhancement of receptive language skills in the English classroom. These research interests allign with my work for VERA 8(„Vergleichsarbeiten in der 8. Jahrgangsstufe”). Together with the Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB), our team supports and supervises the development of suitable tasks to assess reading and listening skills of Year 8 students.

Before joining the English Department in September 2022, I was a full-time teacher for English, Geography and CLIL at a Gymnasium in Idar-Oberstein. Right after my studies at the Universities of Trier and Chester (United Kingdom), I had been able to gain some practical teaching experience at a primary school before I started my Vorbereitungsdienst at the Studienseminar in Bad Kreuznach, which I have completed in July 2021. I am currently working part-time at a Gymnasium, teaching mainly English and CLIL.