Travel Information


The closest airports to Trier are Luxemburg (LUX) and Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), which is almost exclusively served by Ryanair. Please note that the latter airport is in fact nowhere near Frankfurt - but it is relatively close to Trier. Two further suitable options are Cologne-Bonn (CGN) and of course Frankfurt/Main (FRA). Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) is slightly further away, but may still be attractive for some participants.

Travel from/to the airports

Luxemburg airport:

The journey takes about 35 minutes by car. A number of options for public transportation exist. There is a new bus connection on Flibco that provides convenient transport to the railway station in Trier. Bus no. 117 provides more infrequent direct connections between Trier city center and the airport in about 50 minutes. Other public transport options involve at least one change in Luxemburg. 

Frankfurt Hahn:

The journey takes about 50 minutes by car. Public transport (about 10 buses per day) is provided by Flibco. The same buses can also be booked – sometimes at a lower price – via the website of the Deutsche Bahn.

Frankfurt Main:

The train journey between Frankfurt Airport and Trier takes just under 3 hours and involves at least one change of trains (usually in Koblenz). Alternatively, there is also a bus service, sometimes with a change at Frankfurt Hahn airport.


The train journey between Cologne-Bonn Airport and Trier takes just under 3 hours and involves at least one change of trains (usually in Koblenz). 


The train journey between Düsseldorf Airport and Trier takes at least 3 hours and 15 minutes and involves one or two changes of trains. 

For train schedules, please consult the website of the Deutsche Bahn. Booking your train ticket early will often give you a significantly lower price – but the ticket will then be issued for a specific train and travel on a different connection will require you to buy a new ticket.

Travel between the railway station and the conference venue

Taxis should cost approximately 10 euros. If you prefer public transport, take Bus no. 2 in the direction of "Heiligkreuz" or "Mariahof" to "Heiligkreuz, Bernhardstraße" for 2€. In the evenings and on the weekend, services are more limited, and the bus number changes to 82. Bus schedules are available from