Language Teaching

Our practical language classes provide high-level training in English language competence, study skills and critical thinking, to prepare students for their degrees and support them throughout their academic careers. To this end, our classes build on each other, focusing first on oral skills and academic writing, and moving on to pronunciation and cultural studies. For advanced students, we utilise instructors’ individual expertise to provide specialised classes on topics such as translation, creative writing and intercultural communication, with an awareness of English as a lingua franca.

Our instructors all speak English as their main language and have spent a considerable period of time studying and/or working in an English-speaking country. Learning languages deepens insight into different cultures, and our backgrounds help us teach students about diversity, encouraging tolerance and understanding of the socio-cultural diversity they experience as part of a globalized world.

We endeavour to provide high-quality learning environments that enable all of our students to reach their full potential, by offering small classes and a variety of teaching methods as well as a range of assessment types. We aim to enable our students to connect the communicative and analytical skills they develop through our classes to their studies of Anglophone literatures and linguistics, and to prepare them for a range of professional opportunities with an international focus after graduation.

 The following instructors teach language classes:


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Am 10. Oktober 2014 verstarb nach schwerer Krankheit

William Argent

im Alter von 53 Jahren. Im Jahr 1997 begann er als Lektor im Fach Anglistik, wo er kurz darauf zusätzliche Verantwortung als Koordinator der anglistischen Sprachpraxis übernahm. Zudem wirkte er bei der Entwicklung neuer Studiengänge mit und trug entscheidend zur Gestaltung des sprachpraktischen Unterrichts im Fach Anglistik bei.

Mit ihm verliert das Fach einen beliebten Lehrer und geschätzten Kollegen.

Unser tiefes Mitgefühl gilt seinen Hinterbliebenen.