ELC Lectures

English Linguistics Circle (ELC) - upcoming lectures

Dr. Daniela Kolbe-Hanna (University of Trier)

Is I think a construction?

21 November 2018, 4pm c.t.
Room B 19

Vortrag im Rahmen des Forums für Sprache und Kommunikation

Jenny Audring (Leiden University)

The Texture of the Lexicon

5 December 2018, 6pm c.t.
Room B 16

Vortrag im Rahmen von Sabine Arndt-Lappes Seminar "Sociophonetics"

Dr. Marion Schulte (Universität Bielefeld)

Sociophonetic variation in discourse markers - Irish English like, kind of and but

10 December 2018, 2pm c.t.
Room B 19

Lina Baldus (University of Trier)

The L2 acquisition of the catenative verb constructicon: A cross-sectional study

16 January 2019, 4pm c.t.
Room B 19

Dr. Daniela Kolbe-Hanna  and Clare Maas (University of Trier)

The perception and production of prominent syllables in I think: An experimental study

30 January 2019, 4pm c.t.
Room B 19