Prof. Hilary Duffield

Hilary Duffield has been Professor of English Literature at the University of Trier since 2009. Before this she worked as assistant professor of English literature at the universities of Cologne (1992-95) and Freiburg (1995-2002), as associate professor of New English Literatures at the University of Leipzig (2002-2005), and as full professor of English Studies and Anglophone Literatures at the University of Bayreuth (2005-2009). She studied English Literature and German (BA Hons) and also gained a PhD in German Literature at Cardiff University, Wales. She qualified for the Habilitation and wrote a postdoctoral thesis in the field of English Literature at the University of Freiburg. 

Main areas of teaching and research:

  • Cognitive approaches to literature and media
  • Environmental narratives in fiction and film 
  • The history of narrative fiction in English from the Renaissance to the present
  • Narrative theory
  • British and American television and cinematic narratives
  • Postcolonial narratives, in particular South African and Nigerian narrative fiction
  • Post-imperial Britain and Anglophone diaspora identities

Current Projects & Teaching Focus:

  • Invasion narratives in Anglophone fiction, film and television
  • The history of green consciousness and environmental crisis in narrative fiction and film media
  • Counterfactuals and alternate realities in print fiction and film media
  • Fantastic journeys in space and time: representations in fiction and film since the nineteenth century

Office Hours

Please email hilary.duffielduni-trierde for a Zoom timeslot. Please also email Hilary Duffield - hilary.duffielduni-trierde - if you have any other queries about office hours. 

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