Contact persons

In our department and at the University of Trier, there are a large number of contact persons available to help you with questions and problems.

Before contacting a person, please always check first whether the information you are looking for is not to be found on the Internet, in the course catalogue or in the uploaded course documents on Stud.IP, for example on the slides of the first course session.

You can give us general feedback on the quality of our courses and suggestions for improvement (also anonymously) on the "Quality Assurance" page separately for the Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

Contact persons in the Department of Psychology:

  • Our psychology course guidance is conducted by experienced lecturers in the subject. They are your first contact for questions regarding the planning of your studies or other problems. Even if you are in a special study situation (change to Trier in the current semester, chronic illness, depression, exam nerves, studying with a child etc.), you should definitely make use of this service. There are different study advisors for the Bachelor's programme, the general Master's programme (PO 2023) and the clinical Master's programme (PO 2023).
  • The department secretariats are your contact for all organisational inquiries e.g. courses, exams or similar cases. This includes, e.g.  times and rooms, uploading of presentation slides, exams, certificates and the transfer of grades to the University Examination Office.
  • Please relieve the lecturers by contacting the secretariat with such matters.
  • The lecturers are at your disposal if you have questions regarding the content or basic concerns about a course (e.g. the tutorials). It is often easiest to clarify questions briefly and directly in the course in question. For topics that take up more time, you can come to the consultation hours offered by the lecturers. Many lecturers can also be contacted by e-mail for important questions in between.
  • If several parallel groups of a course are offered and you have a concern that you cannot clarify with your lecturer or that affects all parallel groups, you can contact the corresponding module representative, who can be found in the module handbook.
  • The manager of the Psychology programs (Thomas Simacek) coordinates the planning of the classes, the online system for the seminar allocation, program evaluations, accreditation of the programs etc.. He is available as contact person for fundamental questions regarding the administration of the study programmes in Psychology.
  • The Examination Board coordinates the examination dates, decides on the recognition of study achievements, e.g. in case of changes of location and stays abroad, and on the recognition of internships.
  • The counseling lecturer, Prof. Dr. Gregor Domes, is available to students as a special contact person and advisor on confidential issues.
  • The Psychology student body is elected by the students of psychology . It represents the students' interests vis-à-vis the lecturers, advises and informs students, organises parties etc. If many students would like to work together to bring a larger issue closer to the lecturers, it is often useful to contact the Psychology student body, who will then contact the lecturers or the course of study administration on behalf of the students.
  • The Psychology Managementplans and coordinates the work of the Psychology Department with its various institutions, departments and study programmes. Decisions with far-reaching consequences for the department or the study programmes are passed on by the management to the Heads of Department Conference, which includes all professors of the department as well as representatives of non-professorial teaching staff. Due to their general coordination function, the management is usually not available as a direct contact person.
  • If you are interested in doing part of your psychology studies abroad, you can organise this through ERASMUS ⁺ or another exchange programme. Dr. Bernadette von Dawans is your contact person for questions regarding Erasmus+ and studying abroad.

Contact persons at the university:

  • The Admissions Office is responsible for the administrative implementation of all matters concerning prospective students and students.  This includes: application, enrolment (immatriculation), reregistration, leave of absence, deregistration (exmatriculation), tuition fees, guest status, confirmation of enrolment certificate and student ID.
  • Trier University has a Central examination office (Hochschulprüfungsamt – HPA). The Examination Office (HPA) is the administrative office responsible for the handling of bachelor and master examinations in cooperation with the respective examination board.
  • The Centre for Information, Media and Communication Technology (ZIMK) at the University of Trier provides information and advice on computer workstations, software for students, your university email account and WLAN.
  • The Student Counselling Centre  of the University of Trier will help you if you need information that are not directly related to your study of psychology.
  • The International Office promotes the international contacts of the University of Trier. It is the central contact point for foreign students and scientists who (would like to) study, research and teach at the University of Trier, as well as for Trier students and scientists who are planning a stay abroad.
  • The University of Trier has a number of central representatives  who can competently give you advice and assistance on special issues such as protection against sexual harassment, dealing with disabilities, data protection, occupational safety, etc.
  • The General Student Committee (AStA) represents the interests of students at university level. It offers a wide range of counselling, assistance and organisational services, e.g. for social issues, for cultural events at the university, for students of foreign origin as well as for disabled and chronically ill students.