Orientation days winter semester 2023/24

The orientation days will take place on 16.-18.10. More information can be found here.

Dear beginners in the BSc Psychology programme,

We welcome you and look forward to accompanying you on your way through psychology in the coming years. We hope that your studies will be an enriching time for you, both in terms of content and personally. The aim of the programme is to teach you the specialist knowledge, the competence to act and the attitudes that make professional psychologists.

In the lecture "A1 Introduction to Psychology as a Science" we will discuss what professional psychologists know and are able to do, where and how these competences are taught to you in our degree programme and what you can contribute yourself to make this work. There we will also discuss many typical questions of first-year students, so that you do not need to do much at first to prepare for your courses.

However, it is important that you register for the courses in the 1st semester of your degree programme. Unlike lectures, seminars are limited to a certain number of participants. Therefore, you register for lectures and seminars in different ways. In both cases, you need your ZIMK user ID and password, which you will receive from the university after accepting your spot.

  • Registration for lectures: You can register for lectures via the online course catalogue PORTA. Log in with your user ID and select the lectures of the 1st semester of your degree programme: A1 Introduction to Psychology as a Science, B1 Statistics I, F1 Biological Psychology, G1 General Psychology I, H1, General Psychology II.
  • Registration for seminars: You can enter your seminar preferences into the preference-based online seminar allocation system (PROZA) of our subject in the third and fourth week before the start of the lecture period. Read the instructions carefully so that you do not suffer any disadvantages. Indicate in PROZA that you would like to attend the seminars A2 Behavioural Observation, F2 Biological Psychology and L1 Consolidation in the Basic Subjects. Please note that we offer most of the seminars of the programme in every semester but only for half of the students. This means that most of you will receive a seminar place only in A2 or L1 in the first semester and the other seminar spot in the second semester. Because we offer (almost) every seminar in every semester, you can organise your schedule of study in a flexible way.
  • Check your university mail account regularly. This is the only way for lecturers to contact you if they want to send you information about your courses in advance. Also, only write to lecturers from this address (not from private mail addresses), because this is the only way we can reliably find you in the computer systems for course administration and know who you are.

That is all you need to do to prepare for the courses for now. If you wish, you can view additional background information on your studies on the pages and their sub-pages:

We wish you a good start and look forward to meeting you!