Registration procedure


The requirements for studying is a university entrance qualification, e.g. the Abitur.

Familiarity with mathematical and scientific ways of thinking and working, knowledge of written and spoken English and basic computer skills are required for successful study.

Students whose knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences or English and computer skills are low are recommended to continue their education accordingly before taking up the Bachelor's degree programme.

Restriction of admission

A total of approximately 160 spots is available in the Bachelor's programme in Trier each year. As more people want to study psychology in Trier than there are spots available, we have to limit admissions (numerus clausus).

We have our own selection procedure: You get the desired study spot either according to the required average grade (Abitur) or according to the required waiting period. Current information about the required average grade or waiting period can be found here.


The Bachelor's programme can only be started in the winter semester. The deadline for registration is the 15th of July each year. The winter semester begins on the 1st of October.

You can easily apply online for the Bachelor's programme in Psychology.

You will be guided through the clearly laid out application form step by step. After completing it, you will receive a form to print out (for your documents) and a list of the documents you should send to the Student Office via post.