Course of study for the bachelor’s programme since winter 2020/21

Recommended course of study

The course of study shown above is an example of which courses can be attended in which semester (1st column of the table shows the 1st semester). The courses do not necessarily have to be attended in the semester for which they are listed in the module plan. Instead, we offer almost every seminar every semester for 50% of the students, so that you can plan your course of study in a flexible way. However, you should complete the courses approximately in the order given, because they are based on each other in terms of content and methodology. If you would like to deviate significantly from the recommended course of study (e.g. due to a stay abroad), you should discuss the practicability in advance with the student advisory service. The details of the individual courses are described in our module manual.

We recommend that you complete the non-psychology elective module U between the 2nd and 5th semester. This way, if you otherwise study according to the module plan, you will have at least 144 ECTS points after the 5th semester, which is sufficient for applying for the master's degree in most programs.