Master students

Module Applied Psychology

The elective module Applied Psychology can be chosen by students of the following MSc programmes:

  • Master (1F) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (2021)
  • Master (1F) Deutsch als Zweit- und Fremdsprache (2019)
  • Master (1F) Financial Management (2015)
  • Master (1F) Interprofessionelle Gesundheitsversorgung (2019)
  • Master (1F) Mathematik (2021)
  • Master (1F) Medien- und Kultursoziologie (2015)
  • Master (1F) Natural Language Processing (2021)
  • Master (1F) Wirtschaftssoziologie (2015)

The module comprises three lectures that address application issues in psychology. Of these, two must be attended on a compulsory basis. Thus, a total of 10 ECTS points is acquired in the module.

Offered in the winter semester:

Offered in the summer semester:

The module can be completed within one year.


Please address any questions regarding the module Applied Psychology to Dr. Petra Hank via e-mail.


Test subject hours

Psychological knowledge is gained primarily in empirical studies. One can only understand modern psychology if one knows the procedure and contents of such studies in detail.

The module therefore includes, in addition to the lectures, participation in empirical psychological studies to the extent of 4 hours (= 240 minutes).

The subject hours are administered via the software "SONA". For this purpose, registration in the system is required. All relevant information can be viewed HERE.

Please make sure that you select the option Elective Module Applied Psychology (MSc) when registering (if you have already completed test subject hours for the module Basics of Psychology, please do not continue to use your old account). If you have already completed test subject hours before the introduction of the SONA system, you must hand in the corresponding stickers personally. Please contact via e-mail.

The proof of 4 subject hours is a prerequisite for the participation for all students in the module final exam. Whether you have completed enough subject hours will be checked by a system administrator in SONA. This check takes place on the day after the registration deadline for the module final exam. Only “Credits Earned” (not “Credits Pending”) can be accepted.

Please note that if you register for the exam without fulfilling the examination requirement, your exam will automatically be assessed as failed! So check your SONA account regularly to see if you have been credited with all the test subject hours in time. If you are already registered for the exam and can foresee that you will not have completed enough subject hours before the registration deadline, it is advisable that you deregister from the exam within the registration deadline in order to avoid a failed attempt.

Examination modalities

The written exam for the summer semester 2024 will take place on the July 24th 2024 (10:00 -12:00) in the Audimax.

The subject hours are checked on 11.07.2024.

If the required 4 VPN hours are not proven by this time, the prerequisite for participation in the exam is not fulfilled. Participation in the exam is then not possible, even if you had already registered in PORTA.

The exam consists of three parts, one for each of the three lectures of the module, of which you must choose two to work on. The processing time for each part is 45 minutes.

The two parts are graded separately. The overall grade is the arithmetic mean of the two sub-grades. The examination is only passed if (a) the examination is preceded by the documentation of the 4 test subject hours completed and (b) each subsection has been completed with at least the grade sufficient (4.0).

If you fail the exam, a maximum of two retakes is possible; the General Examination Regulations of the University of Trier stipulate that the retakes must be taken within the subsequent four semesters after failing the exam. The module Angewandte Psychology is offered each semester. In that case, you must register for the retake examination in PORTA - an automatic registration by the University Examination Office does not take place! Renewed proof of test subject hours is not required for the retake examination. If the second retake examination is not passed, no further examination can be taken in the compulsory elective module Applied Psychology.