Objectives and contents

The objective of the Bachelor's programme in Psychology is to convey the specialist knowledge and skills necessary for the transition into professional practice and for taking up a Master's degree programme.

This includes comprehensive knowledge in the basic subjects of general psychology, biological psychology, developmental psychology and social psychology, as well as knowledge of psychological research methods and professionally qualifying knowledge in the application areas of psychological diagnostics, industrial and organisational psychology, clinical psychology and educational psychology.

A central objective of the programme is to convey key qualifications that enable students to exercise their profession in the various fields of psychology. These include the skills of literature research, interviewing, experimental work, systematic observation, statistical data evaluation, electronic data processing and presentation of scientific results.

Course structure and contents

The course structure and contents are described in detail in the module manual for the Bachelor's degree programme. In general, the study programme begins with the basic subjects, then moves on to the applied subjects and ends with writing a Bachelor's thesis.