The psychological internship is a mandatory part of the BSc Psychology programme at the University of Trier. It forms the core of module P of the BSc exam regulations. Detailed information regarding the requirements for the internship and further documents are available at the examination board's homepage.



General advisor (PO 2012 & PO 2020)Dr. Dirk Kranz ( and Rachel Buckingham (
Advisor for clinical internships (PO 2020)

1. Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie des Erwachsenenalters:  Rachel Buckingham (

2. Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie des Kindes- und Jugendalters: Andreas Behrje (

Application, examination and documentation of application files

Secretariat of examination board: Ms. Becker (


Module coordinators are Dr. Dirk Kranz and Rachel Buckingham.

Duration of internship: The internship is completed either as a 10-week full internship (after the 3rd semester at the earliest) or in the form of two partial internships (duration of at least 4 weeks each, total duration 10 weeks, beginning after the 2nd semester at the earliest). The number of hours per week depends on the full-time employment of the institution in which the internship is carried out.

Internship fields: Internships can be carried out in all psychological professional fields (research and application) at home and abroad. An exception to this is when a PO 2020 student is seeking admission to the Psychology: Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy master's program (see guidelines).

Internship supervision: Internships are supervised by academically trained psychologists working at the internship institution. If there are no academically trained psychologists working in the institution, the internship can also be supervised by a member of the psychology department of the University of Trier. External supervision of the internship is voluntary for the members of the department. Guidelines for external internship supervision can be obtained from the secretariat of the examination board before the start of the internship. External supervision is not provided for clinical internships in the PO 2020.

Full- vs. part-time internship: Internships are usually completed in the semester break. Exceptions are possible if the internship does not interfere with the studies. Under this condition, a partial internship or part of the full internship (half of it at the most) can also be completed during the course of studies (i.e. during the lecture period). The internship institution must certify the equivalence of the part-time internship with a corresponding full-time internship.

Internship vs. employment relationship: If there has already been an employment relationship with the institution in which the internship is to be completed, it must be ensured that the internship activities are not limited to the tasks within this employment relationship, but reflect the range of tasks of the internship institution.

Internship follow-up: The internship includes attendance at a follow-up seminar, which is usually offered as a block event. Participation requires that (a) the entire internship or one of the two partial internships has been completed and (b) at least 60 credit points have already been earned in the degree programme.

Recognition of Module P: The lecturer of the follow-up event recognises Module P if the student in question (a) submits the certificate of the 10-week internship period (this certificate is issued by the secretariat of the examination board ["blue form"]; the internship certificate(s) of the internship institution(s) is/are required for this), (b) submits an internship report (for criteria see information sheet "Preparation of the internship report" below) and (c) actively participates in the follow-up event.


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